Development Services

Need Help With Software Development?

We have a long experience of software development and deep understanding of the different types of problematic situations you run into along the way

Development Team Augmentation

Our development team augmentation services are available for every type of project, no matter how simple or complex it is: from prototyping to full-scale development of desktop, mobile or web apps, testing, and systems management. Services are available remote or in the vicinity of Helsingborg.

Continuous Delivery

We have a long experience developing and maintaining CI/CD build and delivery pipelines for both small and large teams.

Cloud Computing

We have ten years of experience and can offer help with designing cloud based systems and infrastructure using Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Amazon Web Services (AWS).


We have the capacity to create mobile apps for Android or iOS and release them on their respective app store for you, using a variety of frameworks and technologies such as React Native, Xamarin or Kotlin.


We build responsive and user-centric solutions and can handle a variety of frameworks or plain html. We care deeply about payload sizes and performance metrics as well.


We provide a full range of custom web application development services, starting from business analysis, UI/UX design, to frontend and backend development.


We provide custom backend development for various web, cloud-based and mobile apps across multiple domains and technologies.


We can handle projects of different complexity: from low-level software development, CLI apps and services and up to developing user interfaces with .NET, Rust, and Java in a variety of UI frameworks.

Infrastructure Automation

Creating infrastructure as code using Terraform, automating and orchestrating tasks using SaltStack or Ansible.

Procurement Advice & Mentorship

We offer advice and help formulating requirements when you are about to invest in development projects.